Background Data as at June 2024

Karoo Hoogland Municipality consists of the following towns and areas: Sutherland, Williston and Fraserburg and surrounding rural areas.

The municipality comprises an area of 29 423 km2 and falls within the area of jurisdiction of Namakwa District Municipality.

Houses * 2209 (Households serviced)
Households billed: * 2209

Population * 13069 (Community Survey Census 2016)
* 11 691 (Census 2022 outcome)

Registered erven * 4290 (Per Valuation Roll)

Informal structures * +/- 60

Total Households * 3109 (Including Rural areas)

Indigent households as at 30/06/2020 * 912
Indigent households as at 30/06/2021 * 874
Indigent households as at 30/06/2022 * 897
Indigent households as at 30/06/2023 * 1090


Households with access to sanitation: 2209
Households with access to electricity: 2209
Households with access to refuse removal: 2209


Fraserburg : 23% of total population
Non Urban areas (Rural) : 29% of total population
Sutherland: 20% of total population
Williston : 28% of total population

In this section an overview is provided of the important socio-economic indicators and trends of the Karoo Hoogland Municipality highlighting issues of concern in terms of challenges that the municipality currently experiences. As a basis of reference, the municipality has considered the demographic information that was provided by Stats SA census 2011 and 2022, Provincial treasury comparative analysis Namakwa District and Global insight. The age distribution of a population is important because the largest age group inevitably indicates its own demands on the market. A large number of residents are still dependant on government grants.

The Karoo Hoogland population can be regarded as having a high dependency ratio. With 9,7% of the population over the age of 65 and 25,5% are under 15 years. The latter youth group will be demanding education, housing and jobs in the near future.

the population of Karoo Hoogland has increased from 12 387 persons in 1996 to 13 069 persons in 2016. Gender proportions show there are more males than females in the municipality.

According to the 2022 Census the population of Karoo Hoogland Municipality stands at 11 691 which indicates a decline from the 2011 statistics.

The average population growth rates between 2001 and 2010 are as follows:

  • Northern Cape Province (0.3%)
  • Namakwa District Municipality (-0.1%)
  • Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality (-1.7%) And from 2010 – 2016 (1,8% growth) Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality population growth rate from 2011 – 2022 = – 0,7%

The Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality in the Northern Cape has experienced a population decline (-0.7%) in the past ten years which is largely attributed to push factors such as limited economic opportunities in the area and better economic opportunities in neighboring municipalities.

The 6 wards:

  • Ward 1 – A part of Williston
  • Ward 2 – Fraserburg
  • Ward 3 – Rural Surrounding Areas of the towns of Williston and Fraserburg
  • Ward 4 – Sutherland
  • Ward 5 – A part of Williston
  • Ward 6 – Rural Surrounding Areas of Sutherland and a part of Sutherland

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