Service Delivery

The following projects that were part of the IDP were completed to enhance service delivery:

  • The construction of the Oxidation Ponds in Fraserburg was completed.
  • The streetlights in Fraserburg and Sutherland were installed and the High Mast Lights in Amandelboom was completed

The following projects form part of the multiyear strategic projects in the IDP and have already been approved for implementation in 2015/16 financial year:

  • Construction of Sutherland Storm water system.
  • Upgrading for the water treatment works for the purification of the water in Sutherland
  • Upgrading of Williston Internal Water reticulation system.
  • Development /Upgrading of Three Sports Grounds.
  • Paving of gravel roads in all three towns

Access to Essential Services

The Municipality deliver all essential services in Williston, Fraserburg and Sutherland.

  • All households have access to water.
  • All households have access to sanitation.
  • All households have access to electricity.
  • All households have access to refuse removal.

The Municipality deliver services to 929 registered indigent households.

Water Provision

The Municipality is dependent on underground water resources and a system of borehole pumps and pipelines are in place to feed the reservoirs in the three towns from where it is further reticulated to all households. During the 2013/2014 year new reservoirs were built in Fraserburg, specifically to increase the storage capacity to ensure sufficient availability during power failures.

Waste Water (Sanitation) Provision

  • All households in the Karoo Hoogland Municipal area have access to basic sanitation.
  • Some of the erven in all three towns are connected to a waterborne sewerage system.
  • Some erven are still equipped with sewerage drains and the sewerage are removed with sewerage removal vehicles.
  • The balance of the erven has dry sanitation toilets, which are also serviced by the municipality.
  • All three towns have oxidation ponds.

The following projects form part of the multiyear strategic projects in the IDP.

  • Eradication of UDS Toilets (389 households remaining)
  • Installation of full waterborne sewer system
  • To ensure proper operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure and equipment
  • Replace individual septic tanks with full waterborne sewer system
  • Reduce municipal capital and maintenance costs by removing suction trucks
  • Upgrading of oxidation ponds (completed)

Electricity Provision

Karoo Hoogland Municipality is one of only a few municipalities who do NOT owe ESKOM any outstanding money and who pay ESKOM’s account regularly.

The Municipality supplies electricity to Fraserburg and part of Williston. The other part of Williston as well as Sutherland and the rural areas are serviced by ESKOM.

The following project was completed in the 2013/2014:

  • Upgrading of Electrical Substation : Fraserburg
  • Electrical reticulation throughout Fraserburg is mainly by means of overhead 11kV and low voltage. The age of these networks are in excess of 40 years and have degraded to such a state that normal maintenance and refurbishment is not adequate anymore to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Waste Management

The Municipality does not have a Waste management Plan in place; however, this has been identified as a future project. However the Municipality has an Integrated Waste Management Plan 2014/2018 in place which was compiled by the District Municipality. The Municipality has a refuse removal team in each of the three towns. These teams are responsible for the removal of domestic as well as business refuse. The teams each comprises of a tractor driver and general workers and the refuse are collected manually and transported to the landfill sites in each town. Black bags are available to the public at the municipality in which refuse must be placed for removal. The municipality must ensure proper operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure and equipment through licensing and upgrading of landfill sites.

Waste water Storm water Drainage

Storm water drainage forms an integral part of road infrastructure. Due to the fact that the road infrastructure in the three towns is not up to standard it results in poor storm water drainage during times of heavy rain. The maintenance and construction of storm water structures will only be addressed once the municipality receives funds for the upgrading of its road infrastructure.


Transport is not a function of the Municipality, however, there is potential to expand this industry, particularly the provision of public transport through economic development. The majority of the Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality’s population (82.3%) travel to school or to work by foot. Around 6.7% of the Karoo Hoogland population make use of public transport (i.e. the bus, train, taxi, or lifts with other people); while 1.6% make use of bicycles and 9.4% use their own private transport. Donkeys and horses as well as donkey/horse carts are also widely used in the area.

Significant portions of Karoo Hoogland’s population are living in small, dispersed settlements and have limited transport capacity to travel the often significant distances between urban centres. As many of these households are also living in poverty, the lack of transport adds to the so-called “poverty trap”, as these people are less able to conduct, for example, informal activities to alleviate their circumstances.


Williston, Fraserburg and Sutherland have tar roads and gravel roads. The Municipality must submit projects to MIG for the upgrading of roads regularly. The tar roads are currently in a poor condition with potholes occurring all over the roads. The Municipality endeavors to arrange training for its personnel to repair potholes and also purchase the necessary equipment and material to do the work in the future.

The Municipality however does not have the financial capacity to budget for the repair of all the potholes. The Municipality will have to seriously consider resealing most of the tar roads in the future before it become lapidated.

The following projects form part of the multiyear strategic projects in the IDP:

  • Surfacing of existing gravel roads
  • Surfacing of internal gravel roads using labour intensive methods
  • Manufacturing paving blocks on site using local labour
  • Surfacing of roads with concrete paving blocks
  • Construction 2013 – 2016
  • Cross cutting Infrastructure : Upgrading of all major routes
  • Upgrade of all major routes
  • Fabrication of stones
  • Public lighting (High mass)
  • Safety of streets (Speed bumps)
  • Upgrading of Playing grounds
  • Fencing of BNG Houses
  • Upgrading of Community Hall
  • Signage Street names and Numbers
  • Upgrading of pedestrians routes
  • Multipurpose center
  • Driver License Testing Centre
  • Upgrade of Swimming pool

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