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  • KENNISGEWING NR 008/2019/RV Kennis geskied hiermee dat die Karoo Hoogland Munisipale Raad se ALGEMENE RAADSVERGADERING sal plaasvind op VRYDAG, 30 AUGUSTUS 2019 om 09:00 TE WILLISTON MUNISIPALE RAADSAAL. (Die vergadering is toeganklik vir die Publiek. Daar is egter net ’n beperkte hoeveelheid sitplekke. Geen persone sal na 09:10 in die Raadsaal toegelaat word nie.) Navrae […]

  • Merry Christmas With this Festive Season, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people of Karoo Hoogland Municipality who have made a difference in the lives of others and contributed to the communities.. Our beautiful municipality is characterised by such diversity, it remains a pleasure and honour to engage with you, […]

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